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General video editing#

Since 2008 I used Adobe Elements. This was at that time the one I liked most.
Since October 2012 I switched to Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultra.
This was a very good choice:
  • it is up to date with the formats
  • scales very good / pretty fast (seems to work in 64bit on my Win7 64bit and all 8 cores of my Intel i7-2600 are up to 100% while rendering)
  • much more easy and intuitive editing
  • astonishing effects and editing possibilities

Windows Movie Maker#

Is not installed by default, but you can download it for free.

Special tools for MPG und TS#

  1. edit
  2. demux
  3. convert to TS/MPG/PVA/VDR
  4. split big file into pieces
  5. Hilfe zum Schneiden mit ProjectX 0.9x
  1. need a demuxed source
  2. edit
  3. mux
  1. convert almost all formats
  2. change bitrate
Bitrate Viewer
  1. check bitrate


  1. correct packet identifiers (PIDs); this can happen when you cut a TS file with ProjectX

Other Tools AviDemux, Any Video Converter

Stream with VideoLan#

Create DVD from mpeg/ts recording#

Follow this guide

  1. Project X, editieren und demuxen
  2. IfoEdit > DVD Author
  3. DVDFab > DVD Sektoren korrigieren
  4. Testen mit VLC Media Player > Ordner öffnen
  5. ImgTools > DVD Image
  6. ImgBurn, Image brennen

Short version

  1. Project X, edit and demux
  2. IfoEdit > DVD Author
  3. Test with VLC
  4. Burn files directly with BurnAware


Default game recording software. Works quite well, but you need to buy it. (Forget to try all those "free" versions!) The video is recoded as AVI(OpenDML):
videocodec=FPS1, current screen resolution (1920x1080), 30fps, YUV
audioPCM, 48KHz, 1536Kps, Stereo
Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 and MovieMaker failed to open/show this video. So you need to trancode it.
  • Freemake Video Converter was ok, but the installation tries to add lots of bulk stuff (avoidable)
  • VLC Media Player is not just playing everything, but also converting: Menu > File > Convert/Save > Convert...
    • Small: Container MP4/MOV, Video H-264,not used,not used,25fps,auto,auto,auto
After converting you can edit it with any software.


Virtual Dub
  1. Editing
To delete settings / preferences in the registry, delete whole folder in:


  1. Demux
  2. Mux

Wrong audio in AVI#

  1. Demux with AviDemux
    1. Audio-Spur = PCM
    2. Menu > Audio > Tonspur speichern ... (as xxx.wav)
  2. Load with Audacity
    1. Menu > Effekt > Tonhöhe ändern > -30%
    2. Menu > Effekt > Normalisieren
    3. Export as PCM (yyy.wav)
  3. Back to AviDemux
    1. Menu > Audio > Hauptspur
    2. Audio Source=External WAV
    3. Open new wav file (yyy.wav)
    4. Test with playback
    5. Menu > Datei > Video speichern (as xxx.avi)

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