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Beside Google (Custom Search) and Amazon's (ElastiCache) services I prefer a custom service running on my own server based on filesystem.

It seems that Apache Lucene is the best and most common. It is available in java and .net. It is also in available in php in the form of a zend framework module.

Built on it there are Apache Solr and Elastic ElasticSearch.
See solr vs elasticsearch and stackoverflow

Here are some more (not evaluated!)

Install Solr#

Solr is a REST based web-service running apart from the webserver, standard on port 32768.

See docu

  • Download
  • Unzip (unzip -q
  • set java home in solr.cmd (Please set JAVA_HOME to a valid JRE / JDK directory)
set JAVA_HOME=G:\lang\Solr\OpenJDK8u192-b12
  • Run, this starts a configuration wizard - follow instructions
./bin/solr start -e cloud 
solr start|stop|restart|healthcheck|create|create_core|create_collection|delete|version|zk|auth|assert|config] 
solr start -c -m 1g -z localhost:2181 -a "-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=1044"
solr start -help > -h host|-p port|-d dir(server)|-m memory|-s dir(solr.solr.home)|-t dir(|-v (verbose log)
  • Indexing files for your collection (-Dc) in folder example/exampledocs
Linux: solr-7.5.0:$ bin/post -c techproducts example/exampledocs/*
Windows: java -jar -Dc=techproducts -Dauto example\exampledocs\post.jar example\exampledocs\*

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