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!! General stuff

!Regular expressions (regex)

see [User Guide & Examples|http://www.zytrax.com/tech/web/regex.htm]

! Documentation

!Putting code or XML to word (Syntax highlighting)

To insert nice highlighted text into word you use [SciTE|http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html] and follow this guide

For Java see [here|Java#section-Java-HowToPutSourceCodeInTheWeb].

!!Excel to CSV and vice versa

! Excel to CSV
# Open any XLSx file in Excel 
# Remove new lines inside cells
## Ctrl+H (Replace) 
## Search for Ctrl+J or Alt+0+1+0 (use numpad for digits!)
## Replace All
# Optional: Replace separator
## In the German version the separator is not a comma, but a semicolon. If you split by semicolon later and your tool is not considering the " you need to make sure that an inside semcolon is not used as cell separator
## Crtl+H (Replace)
## Search for ;
## Replace All
# "Save As" > file type "CSV" (Note: first one, not MS-DOS/Macintosh)

!CSV to Excel
You can open csv files in Excel if they use the separator associated with your country version. In Germany this is a separator. If you have a "real" comma separated file, Excel will not split the content into cells. 
# Rename .csv file into .txt
# Open Excel > Open file > choose your txt file
# An open file wizard will let you choose encoding and separator then