Integrate OpenCMS in Eclipse#

1. Download source code, see RevisionControl or in the wiki

  • Install EGit,
  • Open persepctive "Git Repository Exploring" > Clone a Git Repository..."
Repository Path/alkacon/opencms-core
  • Select all
  • Initial branch = branch_9_0_x

Note: Alternatively browse source code here Note: Compiling, see Core Build

2. Create project

  • In the view "Git Repositories" right click on opencms-core > "Import Projects..."
  • Choose "Import as general project"
  • Change perspective and right click on the new project > Properties
  • Choose "Project Facets" > Change to faceted form
  • Choose "Java"
  • Choose "Dynamic Web Module" and "webapp" as Web Folder

3. Setup classpath as described in the wiki

  • Create Uer libs for each
    • Open Build Path > "Add Library..." > "User Library"
    • "User Libraries..." > "New..." > Choose name like "opencms_lib_compile" > OK
    • "Add JARs..." > Add all jars from the folder (You can select all in a subfolder with Shift) > OK
    • Finish > OK

Here are the required jars

  • /lib/compile/*
  • /lib/runtime/*
  • Your database driver
  • Your Server container
  • Exclude in "opencms-core/src-gwt"
    • All (=*)
  • Exclude in "opencms-core/test"
    • data/**
    • org/opencms/util/ant/


Font Awesome 4.0.3Font<i class="fa-bell"></i>
Font Awesome 3.2.1Font<i class="icon-road"></i>
Bootstrap GlyphiconsSmall PNG Graphics<img src="/path/glyphicons_333_bell.png"></img>

Implement Font Awesome 4.0.3#

  • Create any folder called "fonts"
  • copy all files from /fonts/* /css/font-awesome.min.css from the download into this folder
  • include css in template
  • Use as
<i class="fa fa-cog fa-5x"></i>
Note: The font files (in folder fonts) are not loaded in online mode. You need to copy those files manually into the export folder according to your font-awesome location (../webapps/opencms/export/system/modules/..)

CSS @media screen and (min-width: 780px)#

@media css tag does not work in IE8, but with the respond javascript lib, you can enable it.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/css3-mediaqueries.js"></script>

Alternatively you can use the jQuery plugin with name css3-mediaqueries, see this blog

Backup / Import / Export / Move between Dev and Prod#

See also mysql

Export or Backup:

mysqldump -u YourUser -pYourPassword opencms > /path/opencms.sql

Import or Restore:

mysql -u YourUser -pYourPassword opencms < /path/opencms.sql

Calendar Plugin#

Note: If you have multiple detail entries only the last entry is shown repeatedly, reported here.
So I quit with this plugin. In the end I would simply use full calendar directly and add calendar entries through the Google Calendar API

You need to fix also this bug.

Anyway, if you want to try:

  1. Import:
  2. Added to WEB-INF/lib/
    1. com.alkacon.opencms.commons.jar
    2. com.alkacon.opencms.v8.calendar.jar
  3. Edit WEB-INF/config/opencms-vfs.xml
    <widget class="com.alkacon.opencms.v8.calendar.CmsSerialDateWidget"
    <widget class="com.alkacon.opencms.v8.calendar.CmsSerialDateSelectWidget"
You may have also issues with the translation, please have a look here:

Kona Kart Shopping Module#


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