Samsung GT-i9100G#

Update Android with Kies#

You may have USB connection problems. This can be solved with the following:
1. Either install latest Kies OR just install compatible USB drivers
2. Before connecting the phone, open the keypad and dial *#7284# you will see a menu for UART and USB.
3. Under USB, select PDA. If PDA is already selected, select MODEM and then back to PDA
4. Don't worry about USB debugging or anything, just connect your phone to the PC Everything will work as it is intended to whether you use Kies, no Kies or just Mass storage

Kies Update Manual


IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
802.11 = IEEE-Norm
IEEE 802.11 = WLAN = WiFi (generally)

Norm netto bruttoGHz
802.11a 23 54 5
802.11b 4,3 11 2,4
802.11g 19 54 2,4
802.11n 204 600 2,4 + 5
802.11ac500+ 1299+ 5
802.11y 23 54 3,7

iPad 1 a/b/g/n
iPad 2 a/b/g/n
iPad Air n
iPad Air 2ac
Samsung S2a/b/g/n
Huawei P1 b/g/n
Fritz7270 a/b/g/n 2,4 oder 5
Fritz6490 ac/n 2,4 und 5

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