OpenJDK #

Oracle changed the support modell in 2019, see CT articel. You can download openjdk

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JEE 6: My choice as beginner starting on 29.12.2009 was Glassfish v3.\ Read my experiences glassfish_V3.
After a lot of tries with Glassfish 3 I tried JBoss 6 on 19.01.2011.

Java Application Servers#


jboss Dowload1 Download2



How to put source code in the web#

Generally you can convert your source code to HTML easily with Highlight.

But as raw HTML is not a good idea for a wiki like this, I found following options:
1. Download a WYSIWYG editor for JSPWiki and simply copy/paste the source code. Here is an overview and finally I tried FCK. You can switch a plain and FCK in the Profile link above.

2. Best: Use a plugin that comes with java2html


<code here> }]

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