JBoss 6.0

Change in the background: My websites are no longer delivered from Tomcat 6.0, but now from JBoss 6.0,
which also uses Tomcat in the background as well. As full blown Java EE 6 Application Server JBoss enables me
to say good bye from Struts2 and to start finally with JSF+Beans+JPA.


Added multi-language support

Choose a flag above to switch language.You will stay at the current page!
But not everything will be translated.


Created my own photo gallery

Click [menu > ebel > Photo Gallery] and choose a sub folder !
The photos grow if you move over. Click one to pick and step through.


Welcome to my new homepage!

This is new

  • I rented a new server
  • I redesigned my layout with CSS (and some javascript help)
  • I use struts2 (web-framework) with SiteMesh
  • I added some Google Maps
  • I made my menu editable online (with login)

Have fun!